The history of the Aselager Mill

In the year 1809, a corn windmill was built in Aselage for the amount of 2500 Reichstaler. The miller, Johann Rudolf Lehmhuhl, had great difficulties to fulfill his payments to the landlord, since 3 new windmills were built shortly after each other (in Felsen, Huckelrieden and Evenkamp). Around 1860, the Aselager mill was therefore disassembled and sold to Andorf. At its present-day location, windmill builder Dierkes from Hüven constructed a tower mill with fantail in 1860. This mill was used by landowners in Aselager until the mid-twentieth century and was maintained by a miller’s servant.Shortly after 1900, the landowner at the time started his own dairy, which, however, was closed in the 1920s for lack of profitability.

From 1931, tenant Bernhard Sanders used the “Püütwagen” to collect the grist from customers in the settlement of Hahnenmoor. The main focus was on black bread baking: trading rye bread for black bread, 20–25 pounds, one on one.In November 1941, a hurricane damaged the windmill so badly that it had to be shut down. The sails were sold to Huckelrieden and incorporated into the mill. The mill building fell into ruin. The black bread bakery was continued by hand.

In 1967, the current hotel was built and licensed as a “horse stable”. Since 1969, it has been used as a hotel and restaurant.

The windmill was restored in 1979.

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