Aselager mill, municipal Herzlake

The grain mill at Aselage was built in 1860 and was the successor of first two windmills which have been situated  at Aselage. The type of mill is a Dutch model named smock mill, distinguished by its fantail. The first one was relocated to Hahlen in 1809 and in 1877 once again transplanted to Mimmelage where it is nowadays after restauration completely preserved.

The second one was built in 1809 and sold to Andorf (county Osnabrück) in 1860. Then the Aselager mill was built. After several non-proven owners the mill was leased by its new tenant Bernhard Sanders. In November 1941 a hurricane damages the windmill so heavily that operation is no longer worthwhile. Due to the fact that the mill of Hukelrieden also had been damaged severely, Aselages wings were sold to maintain at least one mill in the area. During the following years the mill went to rack. In 1979 Karl-Heinz Klose bought the mill with the intention to preserve the structure (not having in mind to become a miller). He restaurated it with subsidies of a regional heritage association (Emsländischer Heimatbund). It was covered with a[...] thatched roof whereas the original roof was made of wood and tar. Admittedly the functionality was not restored the mill is nowadays an attractive object of interest within the hotel facility.

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